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Challenges Moving Artworks

Challenges Of Moving Art Works To India

There are many challenges in moving Art Works to India which will include the documentation, customs regulations, duties etc. However the biggest challenge will be the Infra-structure & Facilities. The below information is only given as a guide to enable you to understand the challenges of moving Art Works to India and how to prepare yourself adequately. Despite these challenges many Art Works are cleared every day through various ports in India.

  • Most of the Indian airports and sea ports do not have adequate facility for receiving, handling & storage of art works.
  • Climate controlled facilities for storage of artworks are extremely limited or nonexistent. Hence please take adequate measures to safeguard artworks against temperature and humidity.
  • Facilities for storage of High Value Cargo artworks are extremely limited or nonexistent.
  • In certain airport or sea ports in case of high volume of goods or due to port congestion many shipments are sometimes left in the open and uncovered areas. Hence it is a must to crate and water-proof all Art Works.
  • There are no dedicated areas for inspection of artworks at Customs House. Hence please use crates with padlock and hinges which can be easily opened and repacked for customs examination.
  • Forklift Operators at the port are not adequately trained to handle Artworks of high value cargo. They generally treat all cargo in the same manner.
  • Not all Customs officers are not trained for handling and examining art works and may treat it like any other general cargo.
  • Moving companies are generally not allowed to supervise loading & unloading at Indian airports.
  • Domestic air services, for transporting large artworks within India are very limited, hence, for touring exhibitions, allow sufficient transit time between venues.
  • If all documentation are provided to moving company well in advance it is sometimes possible to obtain pre-clearance and arrange for Customs inspection at Gallery/Museum site, instead of port.