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Prepare Car For Shipping

How to prepare your car for shipping

Preparation for car or bike before International shipping is very important. Some important steps on how to prepare your automobile for shipping are as follows:

  • Remove all personal items from your vehicle: Make sure not to leave any items like documents, removable electronic devices, loose items, additional spares etc. in your vehicle
  • Remove, protect, or adjust any loose parts: Remove the antenna and any other detachable parts. For parts that can't be removed, like spoilers, fog lights, and side mirrors, wrap them with protective covering. You can also fold back your mirrors and retract the car antennae.
  • Check for leaking fluids: You could be held liable for any oil, coolant, or battery fluid leaks
  • Leave only about 5 to 10 litres fuel in the tank: Extra fuel in the vehicle can leak in transit.
  • Wash, clean & inspect: Washing and cleaning the inside and outside of your car can allow you to clearly inspect the vehicle for damage, scratches, dents etc. before it is shipped. Make a note of the same and get confirmation from the moving company. Take photographs of the vehicle for your records.
  • Check the fluid in the expansion tank: Check with your auto specialist, but you might need to reduce fluid levels in the expansion tank. This will allow the air and antifreeze in the system to expand with rising temperatures and pressure.
  • Check the battery charge: This is very important especially when using shipping overseas. You may be charged an extra fee if your car won't start when unloading the car from the ship.
  • Disable anti-theft devices and alarms: These devices should be disabled so that they don't go off accidentally.
  • Seal any openings or tears: If you have a convertible top, then you'll want to make sure that road debris and moisture won't get inside your car.
  • Check Insurance: Make sure your insurance is covered while shipping, else arrange for transit insurance.
  • Duplicate keys: Make a duplicate set of keys just in case it is lost in transit.