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Share Container Option

When should you choose "Share A Container Option"?

      • You must look to share a container only
  • If you have a reasonably high volume of goods, yet not high enough to fill a container.
  • If you have taken a full container and have some excess space which you want to fill in with other’s goods
  • If the person or persons you are sharing a container with are moving from the same city or cities which are close by
  • If the person or persons you are sharing a container with are moving to the same port as you.
  • If the person or persons you are sharing a container with are moving on the similar dates as you.
      • Precautions to take when sharing a container
  • Check all the shipper's volumes and see what type of container is required.
  • Ensure that the shippers don't exceed the volume of goods which they have indicated.
  • Ensure that the shippers are ready with their goods when the container arrives at their pickup address
  • Ensure all goods are packed properly
  • Ensure all goods are Marked properly with Shipper's Name, Package Number, Contents and Destination
  • Ensure a Packing List is prepared correlating to Packages.
  • Ensure that the other goods will not damage your goods.
  • Ensure that Separate Documentation is prepared for each shipper.
  • Ensure that the other shippers will be at destination when their goods arrive.
  • Ensure all shippers are aware of the fixed and variable costs and that all are prepared to pay for the shipping costs on pro rata basis.
      • How Does Share a Container work
  • Ship2India.com has an extensive database of customers looking to share a container. We also have a vast database of service providers who have containers heading to India all the time.
  • All you need to do is to simply mention your details, your origin city, destination city, date of move and volume of goods if available.
  • If someone is looking to share a container then you receive an update and all you need to do is to choose one which suits your requirement.